Why ADD Behaviors Are Often Misunderstood

Observing the behavioral patterns of an ADD person from an outsider’s perspective can be very confusing. One moment they are attentive and in a second their mind wanders off. Others may find this behavior to be rude or condescending. With that being said, those who have ADD don’t wish ill will to others but their […]

Attending the Needs of Children with ADD

ADD cases often start at a very early age which can make them to be quite a challenge to detect. Children need all the help they can get especially since they don’t know how to properly deal with their condition. The same can also be said with regards to parents as it can be both […]

ADD Symptoms in Kids and Adults

A huge number of ADD cases have been reported to develop at a very early age. Their symptoms are often associated to a number of behavioral problems and a result, a number of parents often take this lightly or for granted. What they don’t know however, is that their child may have already been suffering […]

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